Spiced Milk Tea

In my post “What’s for Christmas,” I got loads of comments from people who found spiced tea intriguing but had not tried it yet so I thought I’d share how I make mine. We could exchange notes in the comments section if you’ve tried this before. Basically, Spiced Milk tea is just normal milk teaContinue reading “Spiced Milk Tea”

Breakfast Snack Ideas that you can have with Tea

If you’re a tea family then you don’t have to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday. Most people have bread for breakfast and it can get really boring. Here are other snacks you can have for breakfast with tea; Pancakes This is the easiest to make( I’m talking about the plain pancake cause thereContinue reading “Breakfast Snack Ideas that you can have with Tea”

Afrobloggers Awards 2020

If you’d told me five or even one year ago I’d be blogging, I wouldn’t believe you. I only started blogging a few months ago and I’m extremely humbled to have made the cut of the Afrobloggers Awards. My first post on Cooking with Virginia, I expressed the reason why I started blogging – IContinue reading “Afrobloggers Awards 2020”


When I shared a post about “swahili snack ideas” I mentioned that there are two types of bhajias. So today I’m going to share a recipe of type one bhajia, all you need is: Ingredients ✓ 250g Gram Flour✓ Vegetables (I used chopped Kales)✓ 1/2 Small Onion (chopped)✓ 2 Clove Garlic (crushed)✓ Salt Method StepContinue reading “Bhajia”

3 Kitchen Improvisation I’d recommend.

Just like any modern invention, kitchen gadgets can get quite pricy but not to worry, if you can’t afford a certain equipment or gadget there’s always a random alternative from your kitchen. Today I thought I’d share the three basic improvs I use often; ✓ Using a cup and bottle top as a Doughnut cutter.Continue reading “3 Kitchen Improvisation I’d recommend.”


It really isn’t difficult to make doughnuts, well unless you are short of ingredients then that’s going to be tricky looking for alternatives. On Christmas Eve I whipped a few and they came out really amazing so I decided to remake them yesternight only to realize I was out of vanilla essence, but thank GodContinue reading “Doughnuts”

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are essential in making your work in the kitchen easier and fun. These are some of the gadgets you’ll find in my kitchen and I tend to use them oftenly: Grater I mostly use it to grate garlic or lemon when I need to use the zest. It’s simple to use and theContinue reading “My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets”

What’s for Christmas?

Do you guys prepare a Christmas menu before the D- day or wait till Christmas Eve to decide what you’re going to prepare? Last Christmas, we prepared our menu earlier and shared responsibilities among ourselves. For us, Christmas is about the FOOD and having fun. We rarely do gifts nowadays, we even stopped decorating butContinue reading “What’s for Christmas?”

Five Swahili Snacks Ideas.

I always crave for these snacks and I like how I could easily get them on the streets, shops or simply prepare them myself all I need to do is buy the ingredients needed. I find preparing the snacks way cheaper than buying. The only reason people buy their snack is cause they don’t wantContinue reading “Five Swahili Snacks Ideas.”

My Must-Have Ingredients.

I’m sure most of you were expecting a recipe but that isn’t happening today as you can tell from the title. Swahili dishes are filled with flavors because of the ingredients used to spice it up. Some of my “a must ingredients” are: Coconut Milk Which is commonly known as “Tui la nazi’” in swahili.Continue reading “My Must-Have Ingredients.”